Various Types of Hair Extensions

The purpose is to add thickness and/or length to your natural hair. When you go into a hair extensions shop or beauty shop to have these added, you will find that there

Filled Nail Art

From piercing their nails to crystal and 3D decorations, there is absolutely nothing left to make it look hotter, tempting and happening. Moreover something as great as chrome nail polish gives you

Easy Nail Art With Glitter Polish

Something on glitter polish When using glitter nail polish, dark base colors usually look better. However, you can create lighter nude looks with it as well and also go dark if you

Pick Perfect Fragrance for Your Girlfriend

How to Select Perfect Fragrance for Your Girlfriend What can be the best gift for your girlfriend or your wife (if you are married)? Most people will say a red rose or

Ease the Pain of Waxing and Hair Removal

There are many products on the market that you can use in order to avoid the tears – one of which is that of laser hair removal. This is a great option

Make-Up Mistakes To Avoid

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when putting a make-up. Here are some tips on how to avoid some top make-up mistakes. Not blending foundation

Natural Beauty Tips

feel beautiful from head to toe with these tried and tested natural beauty tips for girls: Remove cellulite with a coffee-sugar scrub Just mix 2 cups of ground coffee, 1/2 cup of

Only Vanity, No Apologies

Cleaning, toning and applying cream are the fundamentals of every day routine that marks the dawn of glowing skin. Before the application of makeup, it is imperative to fashion a soft and

Control Frizzy Hair in 7 Ways

Fortunately for us, not all hope is lost and we can someday achieve sleek-looking hair ourselves. All we’ll have to do is to dutifully adopt a few practices when caring for our

Make-Up for Beginners

Read on if you want to learn about the basics. Tip #1: Have the right tools A person may have the right skills, but without the proper equipment and the right make-up

Blackhead Removal Products

Below are a few blackhead removal products readily available at your home. Knowing a few of them is a great way to keep the skin clean and blackhead free! 1. Honey And

Brand Skincare Product

The brand just makes me feel good. The cosmetics are sold by a company from Australia and features international shipping worldwide! Here are some assessments. The laugh out loud oil is a

The Jewel the Crowning Glory

There is a whole host of hair extensions that are available in the market, for every kind of hair and pocket. The best variety undeniably goes to be virgin hair varieties, but

Best Headbands for Dreads

There are many benefits to wearing a headband when you’re sporting dreads – covering up loose roots when you’re dreads are newly forming, holding your dreads back in place, while still showing

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows

It’s quite a normal procedure these days, one that many ladies have already experienced and give great references to. Tattoo Eyebrows These babies are the newest trend in the industry and you

Everyday Make-Up

Everyday make-up is no less than a serious matter for most women, because it is the most difficult to get right. A little extra or a little too less causes dramatic effects

Make-Up This Summer

There are a few common denominators that all of us can follow to get the perfect summer look. Tips to have the perfect summer inspired make-up are: 1. Pastel Colors: Pale, pastel

Looking Good This Winter

To keep your beautiful self looking tip-top we’ve got a few essential winter tips to get you through the colder months and arise like a glorious chicken in spring. MOISTURISE – Winter

Skin Type Affects Make-Up Is Chosen for Women

Here are some of the ways women’s skin types affect which make-up products are chosen. Basic Skin Types There are five basic skin types among humans: Normal Combination Dry Oily Sensitive There

The Elixir Of Life

Coconuts are known for their large quantity of water, and when immature, they are harvested for this water which is very refreshing to drink and loaded with minerals. Mature coconuts still have