Monthly Archives: September 2017

Best Headbands for Dreads

There are many benefits to wearing a headband when you’re sporting dreads – covering up loose roots when you’re dreads are newly forming, holding your dreads back in place, while still showing

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows

It’s quite a normal procedure these days, one that many ladies have already experienced and give great references to. Tattoo Eyebrows These babies are the newest trend in the industry and you

Everyday Make-Up

Everyday make-up is no less than a serious matter for most women, because it is the most difficult to get right. A little extra or a little too less causes dramatic effects

Make-Up This Summer

There are a few common denominators that all of us can follow to get the perfect summer look. Tips to have the perfect summer inspired make-up are: 1. Pastel Colors: Pale, pastel