Best Headbands for Dreads

There are many benefits to wearing a headband when you’re sporting dreads – covering up loose roots when you’re dreads are newly forming, holding your dreads back in place, while still showing them off, or even just for a fun hair statement piece. Like any hairstyle, dreads require regular care, maintenance and styling.

Headbands are a popular option for women with dreads because they keep your dreads out of your face. Dreads also allow for women to experiment with fabrics and textures, to explore creative options and look fabulous all at the same time.

Thick Headbands

Thick headbands are basically the only option you have when it comes to keeping your dreads back out of your face. If your roots are still a bit looser, you’ll love the fact that thick headbands cover them up until they become thicker and fuller. Dreads also have such a unique texture, that playing with textures and patterns compliments your hairstyle well. By hiding your roots, you’ll be able to easily maintain your thick waterfall of smooth, nappy dreadlocks. Wearing a headband does not hinder the growth or development of your dreads. It’s simply a great alternative to having your dreads hang in your face during the first few weeks.

Hippie Style

Contrary to popular believe, dreads are actually a very versatile and creative hairstyle. You can wear and pull off styles that many women can’t! With a range of accessories that can be added to your hair, such as wooden beads, clips, flowers or headbands, it’s easy to infuse a creative flair into your dreadlocks. Dreads look great, whether they are styled down or up in a pony. Hippie style dread headbands look great when they have flowers, feathers or braids. This will add to the texturized look you’re going for with your dreads. Hippie style headbands add a boho, natural, flower-child feel to your hairstyle.

Bandana Headband

Bandana headbands are a great way to keep your natural dreads secure and in place all day long. Not to mention – they look great! Headbands keep your dreadlocks neat and tight, the way they were meant to be. Bandana headbands for your dreads highlight the length and volume of your hair and can add a little bit of toughnesses to your style. To properly wear a bandanna headband, place it behind your bangs and pin them up and leave them down and sweep them to the side. Put your dreads up into a strong, sturdy ponytail and you’re good to go.