Easy Nail Art With Glitter Polish

Something on glitter polish

When using glitter nail polish, dark base colors usually look better. However, you can create lighter nude looks with it as well and also go dark if you prefer. Whatever your mood and preference, glitter polish can work for you. You can find glitter polish at local drug stores, online or at specialty brand stores. The price range is also wide. You can pick super affordable polishes in different colors from different brands. The variety available is jaw dropping, so don’t be restricted to any polish. Be free to explore.

Glitter stripe

Overloading glitter is not so cool and that is why this nail art style is completely awesome. Take a chunky glitter polish and apply in one swipe over half of your manicured nail. This design looks sophisticated on the wearer and is interesting to create.

Glitter French tips

If you want glitter nails but don’t want a bold statement, this is the kind of simple nail art you should try. Remember the popular French manicure? You can achieve the same look and replace the tip for fine glitter polish. Choose a glitter nail polish with transparent base so you don’t worry about messing this up.

Glitter 3D nails

This nail art style is actually already made, the glitter only adds an attitude and attracts attention with added shine. All you need to do is add glitter on already prepared 3D nails. The result will be a more vibrant design that stands out. No skills are required for this look. Just attach 3D manicure and brush on some glitter on it for more shine.

Glitter fade

This look will work with a glitter polish that has bits of chunky and fine glitter combined. Begin to apply glitter from the bottom and fade upwards to the tip. More glitter will be concentrated on the bottom of the nails than the tips, causing a gradient effect look. If you don’t use excessively thick glitter, it is easy to produce this gradient look.

Glitter tipped

This is the opposite of glitter fade nails above. Instead of concentrating glitter polish at the bottom, it is at the tip of the nail. You can apply a base coat or just use glitter polish with a transparent base all through. Every time you bring the brush to apply, start at the tip and brush down the nail in short gentle strokes. The different layers will from the fade-in-tip effect.