Make-Up Mistakes To Avoid

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when putting a make-up. Here are some tips on how to avoid some top make-up mistakes.

Not blending foundation on your neck. Even if your foundation is perfect on your face, do not forget to blend it on your neck as well. Though your face looks perfect, the color of your face and neck would be obviously different making it seem as if you are wearing a mask. The key to wearing make-up is to enhance your features so it would be best to make it look as natural as possible.

Mismatched lip liner and lipstick. Look for a lip liner closest to your natural lip color to avoid this. It is only there to shape and contour your lips. It is not supposed to be the one standing out. Shade and shape the lips to give it a more natural look and do not try to make your lips look bigger.

Unnatural eyebrows. The color of your eyebrows should follow the color of your hair, otherwise it will look unnatural. As much as possible, blend the color and make it look like its part of your eyebrows. Making it too structured would only make it worse. Also, when fixing your eyebrows, try not to make it too thin as it would only make you look older than you are.

Obvious blush lines. The blush is there for you to look as if you have rosy cheeks and natural rosy cheeks do not have lines. To avoid this, just blend your blush properly. Ensure that there are no lines or they do not look streaky on your cheeks.

Wrong foundation color shade. The reason why you are wearing foundation is that it even outs your skin tone. It is the base of your make up. So, it is important that you do this right. When buying make-up, test it to check if it is the shade for you. Your goal is to not make the foundation noticeable otherwise you’re doing it all wrong.

There are other mistakes to avoid when putting make-up but these seem to be the most common mistakes even celebrities and models do when putting on make-up. Just remember that when putting make-up, the goal is to enhance the features, cover blemishes and make everything look natural without going overboard. When you remember all these, it would be easier for you to avoid making these top make-up errors.